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Swimwear Inspired by African Stories - Khukhutsi

Inspired by the culture of the ancient Khoekhoen people of Southern Africa, and their language called Khoekhoe, Khukhutsi is a children’s swimwear range which uses a combination of storytelling, children’s drawings and professional design elements to create emotive prints that allow us to see nature and its creatures through the eyes of young ones, inspiring a fresh perspective.

Storytelling is at the heart of Khukhutsi.

Stories which shape our relationship with nature, cultivate our love for Africa and make us inquisitive and curious about the world around us.



In a world where creative references are readily available, it is rare to find something which reflects the purity of the imagination.

We believe that, through incorporating kids’ drawings, the young mind becomes the foundation of something new.

A child’s vision can shine light on new ways of creating, without the structures that we as grown-ups impose on ourselves.

And just as we would like to teach our children about the world around us through stories and experiences, they too can open up our eyes to beauty through their drawings.



Our belief in the power of children to open up our eyes to the wonderment of the world around us is reflected in our very first series, the story of the “Little Five” by Andrei & Balekane.

The Little Five are lesser known tiny creatures from South Africa who prove that you don’t need to be big and imposing to be special, unique and extraordinary.

The Elephant Shrew, the Rhino Beetle, the Leopard Tortoise, the Antlion and the Buffalo Weaver all have their own rightful place in the Animal Kingdom.

The drawings which inform the emotive prints in this range were created by young artist, Andrei Pretorius (7), in collaboration with Balekane Legoabe, a 21-year-old Visual Communications student who loves exploring, drawing and working with kids.

Naïve, and yet infused with personality, the drawings wash over the garments in the collection which include boys swim shorts, unisex rash vests, girls swimsuits and two-piece sets, accessories, beach- and cooler bags.